VINALAB – With Vietnam’s livestock for Integration (Saturday, December 26, 2015)

VINALAB – With Vietnam’s livestock for Integration

On 5th February 2010, the Government issued Decree No. 08/2010/ND-CP on the management of animal feed. On 10th  October 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Circular No. 66/2011/TT-BNN on detailed regulation for some articles of Decree No. 08/2010/ND-CP dated 05 February 2010 on Government’s management of animal feed. From loose feed quality management, until now, the fact that feed quality should be controlled requires a system of laboratories to serve feed quality control. At the moment, only  one subordinate unit of the Liverstock Department has testing function of feed quality which is the Animals And Animal Feed Research, Testing And Inspection Center. While  there are in fact 15 million tons of domestic animal feed and 10 million tons of imported animal feed that need to be controlled, the capacity of one testing unit is inadequate. Many people argues that it is difficult for the Department of Livestock to control the quality of  each feed batch, because other units with nationwide system also find it challenging to control while the Liverstock Department has only one experimental unit to perform this function.

With the new way of management, the leader of Liverstock Department is the pioneer in application of socialization policy on the conformity assessment activities of animal feed quality by designating the member laboratories of the Vietnam Association of Testing Laboratories (VINALAB) such as the Quality Assurance And Testing Center 3 (Quatest 3), the Center For Analytical Services And Experimentation HCMC (Case), the Hai Dang Chromatography Centre, Vinacert Certification and Inspection Jsc. to take part in testing, certification of conformity and certification of imported feed quality activities.

VINALAB Office and  the Leadership of Vietnam Science Technology Association Union -VUSTA

These units are not under the direct management of the Liverstock Department, but have the function and capacity to meet the requirements as well as have been accredited by  the Ministry of Science and Technology to have adequate ability to participate in activities of animal feed conformity assessment. The designation of  testing organizations which is not under the direct management of Husbandry Department has supported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to minimize public investment, utilize social resources to bring huge social benefits, in accordance with the Party's policy. The quality control of animal feed has been put into discipline. According to a feed trading enterprise from China: "Since the feed quality is controled by Vietnam, enterprises have not dared to sell bad quality goods any more. The type of stone starch mixed DCP has disappeared." Apparently, the animal feed quality control has hindered bad-quality products and prevented Vietnam from becoming the "landfill" of the world.


VINALAB has disseminated to members about the cooperation with the Department of Livestock in providing testing services to service management function of Livestock Department. In addition of providing testing services, a member of VINALAB (Vietnam Assesement Joint stock Co. - AOV) also provides proficiency testing samples to help laboratories to ensure accurate testing results, which supports the Department of Livestock in making management decisions accurately and promptly.

VINALAB is glad that the Liverstock Department has recognized the contributions of its members in providing feed quality testing services through the event of the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has decided to award merit of the Ministry for Prof. Dr. Chu Pham Ngoc Son – Hai Dang Chromatography Center on the occasion of 10 years Anniversary of the Livestock Department.

On this occasion, VINALAB would like to congratulate to Prof. Dr. Chu Pham Ngoc Son because of his contribution for Vietnam analysis sector in general, and VINALAB in particular. Simultaneously, VINALAB also would like to send best greetings to the Department of Livestock. In the future, VINALAB committes to further promoting the cooperation with the government agencies for promoting its members to continuously improve testing capacity to be ready for international integration with management agencies, including the Department of Livestock.


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