VinaLAB activities - a year in review (Tuesday, February 23, 2016)

VinaLAB activities - a year in review

In 2015, the Association of Vietnam Laboratories (VinaALAB) carried out well their role and duties in linking national laboratories, developing the capabilities of laboratories in serving for research, training, production, sales, management, consumer rights protection, developing commerce, and promoting science - technology advancement.

VinaLAB staffs are always enthusiastic and have self-discipline in working as well as interested in the activities of the Association and keep a close connection with members national wide. Also, VinaLAB maintains a cooperative relationship with Vietnam Metrology Association, Standard and Consumers Association, Vietnam Science and Technology Associations Union, Non-Governmental Organizations Department of Ministry of Interior.

Since the operation quality of its members is the foundation for the sustainable development of the association, VinaLAB has issued the Regulation of VinaLAB members to enhance the role, rights and obligations of the participating members contributing for the development of the association. VinaLAB also ecourages its members to participate in writing articles and exchanging experience for the newsletters Testing and Life. The newsletters is published monthly and acts as a forum for the members to exchange and gather knowledge as well as other useful information related to laboratory tests.

With the establishment of the Southern Office at 25 Bis, Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC in 06 March 2015, the Chairman of VinaLAB issued Decision No. 01/QD-VILA3 on proficiency testing services supply regulation under the auspices of the Association. 02 organizations meet eligibility have been selected, which are Vietnam Acredictation Joint stock Co.(AOV) accredited ISO/IEC 17043 and the Center for Education  and Development of Chromatography (EDC).

According to the 2015 Feed Test Program, the Department of Livestock has designated VinaLAB for organizing Feed Proficiency Testing Programs in 2015 (Writing Letter No. 353/CN-TĂCN dated 08 April 2015). Information about the program/services on proficiency testing (PT VinaLAB 2015) and about testing science domestically and internationally are published promptly at and via e-mail for all members. The information included 35 programs of proficiency testing organized by AOV and EDC.

The quality of the organizations’ activities like the Sub-Party and the Trade Union have been enhanced to create a favorable working environment, develope wisdom, capability, and ensure the rights and obligations of the members.

Through attending the conferences of the higher level organizations such as the 7th Vietnam Union Central Council conference (Course VI) and The Inspection Summarizing Conference of Vietnam Association Union-Course VI in 2010-2015 period, which were organized by The Vietnam Science and Technology Associations Union, the Committee has promptly acquired policy from the superior level to orientate the activities of members.

In order to raise awareness for the laboratory staff and any staff willing to learn about proficiency testing and quality assurance for testing, the association held a training course - "Measurement uncertainty estimation methods for chemical analysis" in collaboration with the Association of Chemical Association HCM City. The association also coordinated with the Accreditation Office for Standards Conformity Assessment Capacity (AOSC) to invite the Technical Director of Norwegian Accreditation - Anne Graendsen – to carry out 3 training courses which are "Advanced and Basic Proficiency Testing and ISO/IEC 17043:2010", "ISO 17011 Training" and "Approve the method and estimation of uncertainty measurement". In addition, the association coordinated with the HCM City Laboratories Association, the Chemical Association and the Association of Japanese Manufacturers in Analytic Equipment to hold “Seminar on Food  Safety, Global Attention - Trends in Food Quality Control" attracts attention from organizations and individuals domestically and internationally.

Also, in 2015, VinaLAB had a project on "Applying LEAN method in the laboratory", which was approved by the Vietnam Union Association, implemented from 2015 to the end of 2016.

International cooperation activities also gained some achievements, for instances: cooperated with the Analytica of German Federal to successfully hold "Analytical Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Fair" in HCM City, held a promoting booth for the logo of 50 members and documents of 6 units which created special impression for visitors and exhibitors in the event.

At Vietnam Analytica 2015, the members are  entitled to participate in specialized events such as seminar implemented by the leading professors, domestic and international famous experts on food, pharmaceutical and environmental. On this occasion, trade bodies BUSINESSFRANCE of the French Embassy in Vietnam, which is the organizer of the French national pavilion, has invited representatives of VINALAB to participate in the meeting and exchanging expertise with 3 French companies: TEM PARTNERS, TRIONYX and JACOMEX.

In order to promptly capture members, access to analysis equipment products/science devices were manufactured by Japanese and  developed countries in September 2015, the association organized succesfully a Vietnamese deligation to take part in JASIS 2015 Fair at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan; the organizations attended the 5th

Exhibition and International trade Seminar on technology and science equipment, laboratory  - Thailand LAB 2015. This is an exhibition of the latest analysis equipments and laboratory technology for sciences and life, biotechnology, medical science, clinical laboratory, measuring, etc.

The year 2015 marked the developments and contributions of the Association of Vietnam Laboratories to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

The results of the activities contributing positively in rallying intellectuals to exchange information and experiences on the qualification between  laboratories; help each other to improve; build, apply and improve solutions for scientific and technological experiments, contribute to improve the quality and prestige of Vietnam commodity products on the markets worldwide.

The development of VinaLAB asserts leadership vision, orientation and firm steps of the association in 2016 in the spirit of: "Unity – Intellect – Renewal – Development" awarded by Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh – Chairman of the Chairman delegation of Vietnam Science and Technology Associations Union.

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