VinaLAB collaborated with AOSC to organize a PT & ISO/IEC 17043:2010 course, methods approval and estimation of measurement uncertainty in testing. (Thursday, July 02, 2015)

In 6 days, from the 21st to 27th of June 2015, at Hanoi headquarter, VinaLAB collaborated with the Accreditation Office of Standards Conformity Assessment Capacity (AOSC) to organized a course on “Basic and advanced proficiency testing” , “Estimation of measurement uncertainty in testing”, and ISO/IEC 17043:2010. This course aims to increase awareness of quality assurance staffs in the laboratory and other staffs who desire to study proficiency testing and quality assurance in testing.

Ms Anne Graendsen, the instructor announced the content of the training course.

The participants of this course are staffs working in the fields of accreditation, certification, testing, experiment, etc. Attending this course, the participants received a systematization of the whole content and additional knowledge on traceability in testing. They also accessed to updated content in the documents of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation regarding to proficiency testing (PT), estimation of measurement uncertainty in testing and other relevant matters.

Participants at the training course

During the course, Ms Anne Graendsen used the interpretation to deliver the standard requirements, statistics methods used in the laboratory and to assure the quality of testing results. She also implemented interviewing method and direct communication method with participants in order to efficiently update them the load of new knowledge about PT, method approval, estimation of measurement uncertainty, and accreditation audit that have been applied in European countries.

From the theatrical and practical training results, Ms Anne Graendsen expressed her satisfaction for the learner’s spirit and strong fundamental knowledge. “Compared to learners from other countries I had taught such as Bangladesh or Pakistan, the participants of this training course have greatly better fundamental knowledge and management knowledge. Besides, the participants can use statistical tools on the computer very well”, Ms Anne Graendsen said.

Ms Anne Graendsen explaining the homogeneity and stability of proficiency testing sample.

Participants from VinaLab expressed their passion for science by their deep knowledge. During the training course, the instructor and learners spent much time discussing and debating expertise for building, implementing and improving solutions for testing technology, promoting testing activities. Cooperation between VinaLab and AOSC to regularly organize training course helps to equip and update the participants new contents of proficiency testing, implement and operate better service for customers in a more comprehensive way.

Through this course, the participants have been equipped with basic and advance knowledge about proficiency testing, method approval, estimation of measurement uncertainty and get to know how to apply these knowledge into their working fields. Since then, VinaLab has contributed for the increase of Vietnamese products and goods quality, created reputation for Vietnamese goods in the international market, and served for the industrialization and modernization of our country.

Some pictures of the training course: 

The participants were divided into small groups to do assignment relevant to ISO/IEC  17043:2010

The participants updating new statistical content for proficiency testing service bodies.

Ms Anne Graendsen introducing new content regarding to proficiency testing.

Ms Anne Graendsen explaining matters relevant to proficiency testing

Participants of the course

The whole course participants

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