Glove Box: Laboratory safety products from Jacomex (Wednesday, May 20, 2015)

Glove Box: Laboratory safety products from Jacomex

Jacomex provides standard or tailor-made workstations with contained atmosphere for personnel and/or material protection. Glove box is one of Jacomex typical products that support laboratory safety.

As common as glove boxes are in industries ranging from biology to pharmaceuticals, and used for many purposes. However, their essential attribute is the ability to maintain a completely separate environment from ambient. Glove box is completely closed compartments ranging in size from a few cubic feet to several hundred cubic feet, and typically uses a specialized atmosphere. Users can introduce samples into glove boxes and manipulate them inside through ports fitted with gloves.

Jacomex glove boxes are used for product and/or environment protection. Products are usually protected from atmospheric oxygen and moisture. Pressure can be controlled in the range of ±300 Pa relative pressure. The air pressure inside the box is lower than the pressure in the laboratory.